General practice encompasses a broad range of civil and criminal matters. Unlike lawyers who specialize in one or two subjects, general practice lawyers are not limited to any specific area of the law. They often concentrate on basic legal services including, but not limited to, probate law, family law, contract law, and property law. Keep reading to learn more about general practice lawyers.

What Does a General Practice Lawyer Do? Instead of specializing in one or two areas of the law, general practice attorneys cover a wider range. Because their work spans multiple practice areas, they are knowledgeable about a wide array of legal matters. Some of the most common cases handled by general practice attorneys involve:

  • Traffic violations
  • Power of attorney
  • Leases
  • Landlord/Tenant

This list is not all-inclusive and not every general practice attorney will have the experience needed to handle every case in these areas.

This type of lawyer is most frequently found in small communities or rural areas, where the options for legal assistance are limited. In these situations, the client may hire the attorney for any case that may arise. If the attorney lacks knowledge in a particular area of the law, he may confer with other lawyers to ensure the client is provided adequate representation.

General practice attorneys generally prepare paperwork, meet with clients, and represent clients in court. They may also gather evidence, interview witnesses, or provide mediation for two or more parties.

Practice area

  • Criminal
  • Family Law
  • Construction
  • Business Law

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